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Born from passion

Training has forever become a favorite use of my time and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others while I continue to learn from the people I surround myself with. To stand in front of a group and inspire them with stories, experiences and share my successes and failures is where I find myself at home.

Delivered with heart

This is the Fevol Promise! Going in I devote my passion to deliver our training, consulting and solution services. We go above and beyond in offering a fully bespoke approach to your needs. We don't merely instruct, we inspire by example and we deliver with heart.

Driven by people

With over a decade of experience and a wealth of knowledge related to the service and hospitality industry I now use my passion to fuel other people. Connecting with people and businesses around the world offering my knowledge in the form of bespoke training,short- to middle-term consulting and entire solutions.